Welcome to Art of Oslo, an online gallery by Cecilia Kristensen. Her sculptures and art installations are known for the luxurious colours and broken glass. The works are casted in stone plaster, with details in 22k, 23k, 24k gold, copper, silver leaf & most of the details come from recycled material. You can see her art in numbers of galleries, hotels & public places in Scandinavia.
The motives in her artistic pictures are from a number of different places in Oslo where Cecilia lives, and from her trips around the world. The art have also been artistically modified to create a certain vibe.  
Cecilia is autodidact in her profession as an artist, and have been creating this type of art  since 2010, and had her first exhibition already in 2012. Something that makes Cecilia┬┤s art extra significant, is that each picture is only created once, except the glass collection (1/100). This assures that you as an owner will have an unique artwork in your home.
Cecilia Kristensen, Galleri Mini

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Art of Oslo:
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Phone number  (+47) 968 80 439

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The golden dress is placed outside Aspeli in Aker Brygge shopping gallery.
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